At the Mill Shop we are committed to providing wholesome natural and organic products available to our visitors and the local community C just like in the good old days when you could pop down to the local baker to purchase a sack of flour and a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Our flagship product, our own stone ground flour only available on the premises, sets the standard for all the delicious goodness you will find on our well-stocked shelves. Freshly milled on site of course C Josephine Mill Flour is produced from the highest quality locally grown wheat and dispensed in traditional, refillable hemp sacks.

Youll also find a range of wholesome freshly baked breads, delicious and beautifully packaged homemade jams and condiments, baking utensils, and a variety of books and publications at the shop.

We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest and most delicious products that are good for you too. Everything in the shop is made the old world way C with love, care and attention to detail.

We believe that local is better, and encourage sensible packaging wherever possible. We use artisan bakers, source interesting local ingredients, and are mindful of our production processes. We only stock imported items when they simply cannot be found anywhere in South Africa!

So enjoy our baked goods with gusto, and thank you for shopping with us!
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In keeping with our philosophy of employing sustainable production processes that do no harm to the environment, Josephine Mill Wholewheat Flour is beautifully presented in a hemp flour sack. Shoppers are encouraged to come empty sack in hand for a refill!
When many people think of the milling process, they think waterwheel. In fact, the core functioning parts of a mill are its spinning millstones. The new Josephine Mill logo is a graphic interpretation of a French Burr stone C the type of stones once used at the Mill.